About Elijah's Echo

And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” And the people did not answer him a word.” 1 Kings 18:21 (ESV)

Elijah’s Echo is a ministry promoting decision by discernment. A decision for Christ by discerning the truth above the many falsehoods promoted throughout the world. Instead of conforming the Word within the world’s secular values, we need to impact the world by presenting Christ according to His truth.

Everyday life, and the issues that confront the world, should be approached with a biblical worldview.

As shown in 1 Kings 18:21, Israel remained silent after Elijah’s appeal to recognize the true God against the false. Since those troubled days in Israel's past, the world has seen the gift of Jesus Christ arrive to be presented to all nations; the promise of salvation through His death and the promise of eternal life through His resurrection.

Jesus is God’s Word made flesh. As long as a person does not make a decision for Christ, they remain in a decision declining this offer of God's mercy and grace. This may sound like a contradiction, but: No Decision Is A Decision. It is a state of passivity against taking action, or making any commitment, for one path or another. 

The cry of Elijah echos around us today. Many in the world have not made a decision regarding their spiritual walk... Many believe they've made a decision, but are not intentional in their choice.

Jesus Christ continues to hold His hand out to those who will place their hand in His.

Often the reason people don't want to make a decision... or give lip service to a decision (rather than authentic commitment) is because of an underlying fear they will lose out on the "fun" the world offers. 

Many find themselves swamped under the proliferation of false teachings and feel-good philosophies luring them away from the true God and obscuring the core of Christ. Such misunderstandings can be addressed and answered... because Christ's truth rises above the trappings of the world and the unrelenting circles of confusion. 

  • Mission: To spur revival and build an outreach foundation providing ministries of spiritual growth, education, accountability, helps, and support. These ministries are advanced through prayer and intercession, guided and manifested by the Holy Spirit, while seeking and following God’s purpose and Christ’s promise for our lives. This includes humbling ourselves before God and His majesty, repenting of our transgressions, interceding for our communities, and opening ourselves to a life honoring and glorifying our creator.
  • Goal: To present extra opportunities of growth, involvement, and worship for those who have committed to Christ. To present a place the unchurched will find inviting on the road to discovering Christ is Lord and Savior. To present an entry point for those who bear a prejudice against entering “official” church buildings.
  • The Prayer: …That the unchurched will make a decision for Christ. That after a commitment to Christ, they will want to find and join a church home to grow in their personal walk, contribute to the body of Christ, and share in congregational  accountability.
  • Revival Approach: (PPP: Prayer, Preaching, Psalms. Prayer as communion with God. Preaching as presenting the Word/Gospel. Psalms as praise and song.)

  • Warning: False teachings are rampant in the United States and throughout the world. The Holy Spirit is undoubtedly grieved because of the measures taken by, and allowances given to, many "spiritual leaders" proclaiming "their truths". Elijah's Echo believes all teachings need to be accountable to the Spirit and Word of Holy Scripture and the declarations contained therein of Jesus Christ.

  • Elijah’s Echo is not a church or political organization: The intent is to present the Gospel straight, untarnished, and without walls. It is not that churches aren’t doing enough; it’s that we (as witnesses for Christ when outside the church) need to do more. We are here to support the Body of Christ, not detract from it.
  • In a related vein, Elijah's Echo is not "in business" to chase political partisanship. Those who come to Elijah's Echo are to be welcomed with the open arms of the Father, not the enticements of commerical or political agendas. It is our belief that the stronger a person's biblical and spiritual discernment is as they walk with Christ, the stronger the application of wisdom, ethics, and morality will be when considering personal issues as well as the social, cultural, and political influences around us.
  • With this in mind, our "campaign" is recognizing God as the creator and master builder. We realize there are political positions we may individually pursue, but we should not compromise commitment to Jesus in doing so. We also should be aware how the political process may use Christ's name to achieve mercenary ends. We recognize government as an authority under which we live, but also recognize each government exists as an entity under God's allowance. Jesus said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to render unto God that which is God's. And so we acknowledge the levels of authority around and above us and our responsibilities to each
  • There is a wonderful story told of Abraham Lincoln in the White House during the Civil War. He was approached by someone who said not to worry because, surely, God was on Lincoln's side. Lincoln replied he wasn't praying God was on his side; he was praying he was on God's side. These are thoughts we do well to consider.


        Your Tour Guide: Scott Stewart.                 

          Scott Stewart bases Elijah's Echo in Park Rapids, MN. He started ministry work when he was a student at Northwestern College in Roseville, MN in the early 80's. There he worked with the Full Gospel Mission Team, an evangelistic group that shared the Word in message and song throughout the Twin Cities area, with an emphasis on presenting the Gospel at the inner city missions. Scott also served as a worship service speaker at Wirth Park Baptist Church in Golden Valley, MN.

This was followed by active duty with the USAF in both the US and South Korea and then a civilian GS position with the Air Force in Los Angeles, CA. In the 90's, Scott relocated to Reno, NV where he worked as a network engineer before leaving his position to pursue freelance writing and answer a call toward further ministry work.

In Nevada, Scott was a deacon with Sparks Christian Fellowship (Sparks, NV), team leader for Men's Ministry, liason and co-ordinator for Promise Keepers, led Spiritual Growth classes, and served as a point-man for Men's Accountability groups. During this time, his wife Jessica served as Clinical Director of Healing Ministries at Sparks Christian Fellowship. That position included supervising twenty-two groups working under the Healing Ministry Umbrella. 

Following God's lead, the Stewarts moved to Park Rapids in 2006 and have found exciting new paths for life and ministry being placed in front of them. They are members of Park Rapids Faith Baptist Church and Scott also serves as an office manager at Park Rapids Assembly of God. Recent ministry opportunities for Scott have included providing classes on spiritual growth, discernment, using Bible reference resources, and youth group, while Jessica has co-developed a divorce recovery curriculum.