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Wednesday, 11 January 2012
"High Five!" or "Slapdown?"

Reports are coming in that John 3:16 is being talked about more, including increased searching on the internet, after last Sunday's (Jan 8) football win by the Bronco's over the Steelers. Following the increased interest come these comments:


The article begins as a straight piece on the verse itself, the perceived relation to the Bronco/Steeler's game, Tim Tebow's positioning of the message in the past, and some of the opposition the verse's presentation has faced. Then, for almost the last third of the article, the writing relays the history of a person who went over the edge in his biblical proclamations (including John 3:16 references) and is now serving time in prison for life-threatening criminal acts.

I'm not defending or excusing the actions of a man endangering others... And, giving the views of people who oppose the use of John 3:16 can present a balanced perspective... But, does relaying criminal actions on one man's part fit as the closing note for an article titled "Explain it to me: John 3:16?"  I think finishing in this manner is more of an "observation" dished up with a backhanded compliment than an "explanation" of the verse's biblical and literary significance.

My question: Is this a legitimate musing on the meaning of John 3:16 as the title implies or a way to take a swipe at the possible dangers of fanaticism for those who are willing to stand in their Christian faith when it becomes a public issue?

Your turn:.....

Posted on 01/11/2012 8:59 AM by SRS
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