Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Here's the round table for discussions embracing  a biblical worldview in both everyday walks and extraordinary living alongside the role faith plays through good times as well as down times.

Most topics, along with the other Elijah's Echo Blog listings, are welcome here.

Comments for Elijah's Echo Blog are screened for appropriateness.

Dissenting views are welcome as this is how discussions grow.

Gross maliciousness, personal attacks against participants, and obscenity will not be published.

Any lines of blog discussion are subject to deletion at the discretion of the blog monitor. In some instances, comments may be edited. If comments are edited, a note will be included with the comment to identify such action. Removal of a blog string may be for a variety of reasons including technical (i.e. server/archive space) or creative (i.e. timeliness or exhaustion of a subject).


Posted on 04/06/2011 2:23 PM by SRS
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