Date: 23/10/2020
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Cults and False Teachings

This opinion piece caught my eye on CNN the other day:


The author talks about the misuse of the word "cult." However if you check the definition of the word cult:


I think you'll see mainstream use of the word tends to be consistent and accurate. I think the subtext of the opinion piece is really about tolerence (or lack thereof...) and what  different segments of culture and society find acceptable. Instead of using the generic term "cult" for further discussion, I'll refer my opinion to the group the article is about, the Branch Davidians, and a look at the stand-off and tragedy that occurred in Waco TX almost twenty years ago. You will also want to see this article in connection to my comments:


If you are not a Christian, your view will most likely veer away from mine, however, if you are a Christian, the full brunt of false teaching and abuse of trust, faith, and authority is blatant. Some people will refer to such groups as cults, some will use the term sect... but what I believe is most apparent is the promotion of abusive and morally corrupt acts sanctioned by the leaders of these false teachings and the followers who have been diverted away from a reasonable, responsible, and realistic grounding of thought and ethical standards.

What are your thoughts?

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