A Child's Guide to Salvation

Salvation means rescue us (save us) from punishment.

Salvation is like having dirty clothes and putting them in the washing machine so they become clean and feel new when we wear them.

Salvation is given to us through Jesus Christ so we can be with God.

People do many good things, but we also do things that are wrong.

When we hurt someone, that also hurts God. When we hurt God or disobey Him, that is called sin.

Sin keeps us from being able to be with God. Being kept from God is a punishment for doing wrong.

Salvation washes away sin so we are clean for God and can be with Him. 


Has your mom or dad ever cleaned your room and said you will get a treat if you keep it clean? But... you take out some toys, books, or crayons and leave a mess on the floor. Later, your mom or dad see what has happened and they say you now have lost the treat?

That is how sin works. We do something that God has asked us not to do... and that keeps us further away from enjoying the good things God wants to do with us.

Even if we do something that we think no one else will know about... like lie or take something that doesn't belong to us, that is wrong.

God is able to know about what we do even when no one else does. When we do something wrong, God feels sad about what we did and He hurts because of that. That is sin.


Sometimes we do something by accident or because we don't know how to do something the right way. God knows we make mistakes... and mistakes or accidents are not always a sin.

You may want to watch a show on TV and turn the TV to channel 4 instead of channel 40 (where the show is you want to see). When you realize you don't have the right channel, you can change it and then watch the right show. That kind of mistake is not a sin. It is an accident that doesn't hurt anyone and you can fix it.

But... if a friend, or a brother, or a sister was watching a show and you came in and changed the channel because you felt mean, that could be called sin.

God knows that no matter how hard we try to be good, we still sometimes make poor choices and do wrong. Because God wants us to enjoy life with Him, He gives us help to fix things we can't fix and make things good again. This is why we look to Jesus.


A man named Jesus lived on earth and taught people what God wants us to do. Jesus knows what God wants because He is God's son.

Some people did not like what Jesus taught because it made them look bad. They were not doing what God wanted them to do. Jesus was hurt by these men and then died... all because He loved His Father and loved  people so much... His love includes you and me.

Jesus wanted us to know how much power and love God has.

Because Jesus obeyed His Father and did everything through His love for His Father and us... God then showed His love and that he has all power by giving Jesus life again. 

Jesus then visited His friends to show that He was alive. He also went to other people to show that He was alive.

Many more people now believed Jesus and His friends because of the power God showed when He gave Jesus life again. We call this a miracle... meaning God shows His power by doing something we could never do by ourselves.

After forty days Jesus was with many friends and told them to teach others about Him.

Jesus also said He would send the Holy Spirit to be a helper so we can make better choices and act in a way God likes.

Jesus then floated up into the sky until no one could see Him anymore.

Jesus will come back to be with us again, but meantime, He is in heaven and watches as we learn about God and and decide whether we want to be with Him or just want to do things our way.


If we believe who Jesus is and that God gives us new life, we will get to have new life with God in a new home God will give us.

Even when we try very hard to do what is right, there will be times we do wrong.

If we do wrong and sin, but believe what Jesus did fixes our sin, we can still be with Him. But, it is important that we pray to God and tell him we did wrong and then we need to try harder not to sin again.

We will not get to have the gift of being with God if we don't believe in Jesus.

The Holy Bible tells us more about Jesus and the things God has done for those who love Him. It also tells us the sad things that have happened to people who don't love Him.

A good idea to remember is to be nice to people the way you want them to be nice to you. The Holy Spirit will help you do this if you ask for His help. 

If you want Jesus to be your friend and want to do good things for Him, you can say a prayer to let God know.


Dear Lord,

I know that I do many wrong things, but I want to do good. I believe you love us so much you gave us your Son, Jesus, to help us be with you. Please forgive me for hurting you and others and help me to be a better child of yours.



Congratulations! You are now a new part of God's family. You can learn how to be a good friend for Jesus and how to do what God wants if you find a Sunday School you like and join their fun activities and classes.