Statement of Faith

Elijah's Echo aligns itself with the following tenets:

The Mystery of God
Man is finite. God is infinite. God's ways and works are beyond man's full understanding. God has revealed Himself to us in different measures but we are incapable of grasping the fullness of His being and process. This is where faith moves us forward despite our lack of comprehension.

It is a mistake to "put God in a box" so we can define Him. We are the ones in a box and can only imagine and project, in our limited vision, the what and why existing outside our physical and spiritual sight.

God has, however, through creation, His prophets, the nation of Israel, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Holy Scripture, and the Body of Christ (the Christian Church) proven Himself and given us sufficient knowledge to realize His holiness, lordship, work, grace, love, righteousness, and eternal kingdom while prompting us to recognize our need for salvation from sin in a fallen world. 

One God: One Godhead, One Trinity
An example of the mystery of God. Also referred to as "The Godhead." While there is one God, infinite, omnipotent, and absolute, He eternally exists and reveals Himself in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each are distinct in position and authority in their manisfestation, but are one in substance and purpose.

An illustration that may help understand this concept is by using H2O (water) as a parallel example. H20 is one compound but can exist as Liquid (the Father), Solid/ice (the Son), and Vapor/steam (the Holy Spirit). We can experience water in each state and work with it in different ways, but it is still the same substance - water (H2O).  

God (the Father)
All-knowing and all-powerful. The first person of the Trinity.

He is referred to in early scripture as the God of Abraham and the "I Am" of Moses. He is Father to the Son, Jesus Christ. He is the Father, extending salvation, mercy, and grace, to all who come through Him by their confession of Jesus Christ as savior. He is Father to all mankind in His unconditional love and His righteous judgement. 

He reigns over all creation and sustains all existence in His absolute holiness, wisdom, and providence.

Jesus Christ (the Son)
Fully God and fully man. The second person of the Trinity. Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to a virgin, Jesus lived a sinless life as man, though subjected to temptation. He is the eternal Word of God made physical so that man could see the invisible made visible and know the uncontainable God walking on earth in flesh and bone. The word Christ is actually a title meaning "Anointed One" or  "Messiah."

Through the life of Jesus we are given the model of life lived in perfect submission to the will of God the Father. We are also taught the ways and whys of God through the lessons taught by Jesus.

Jesus died upon the cross as the perfect sacrifice (without blemish) to carry the sins of man; this is so man has salvation and entrance into God's eternal kingdom by acknowledging Jesus as Lord and Savior of our life and recognizing the fulfillment of prophecy as God's requirement of judgement against sin is answered.

Jesus physically rose from the grave on the third day after His crucifixion and revealed himself to His disciples and many others. In His resurrection we find the promise of eternal life after physical earthly death. Before ascending to heaven He presented the "Great Commission" to His followers.

Jesus, the Christ, the only Son of God, serves at the Father's right hand and is the intercessor for those who believe on Him for eternal life in His kingdom.

Holy Spirit
The Comforter. The Helper. The third person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is a person not an abstract force. He lives within believers of Jesus Christ. He is more than a conscience for man. He enlightens and convicts us in our obedience to God and our sinful nature.

While a follower of Christ should pursue physical baptism as a public confession of the lordship of Jesus, the Holy Spirit spiritually baptizes a believer into the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit empowers us to walk more faithfully and truthfully in God's will.

The Holy Spirit helps us grow in sanctification and delivers spiritual gifts that help ministries grow and glorify God. The gifts also help us in our personal worship of God while the Fruit of the Spirit shapes our character and actions in a display that gives evidence of the reality of God working in our lives.

We are to pursue the Holy Spirit's joy and blessings in our lives by asking for His help against temptation and not grieving the Holy Spirit by entertaining sinful thoughts or stepping into sinful actions.

Holy Bible/Holy Scripture                                                                                                                                 Holy Scripture is inspired by God and is His infallible Word as placed in their original autographs. The scriptures were put to paper by human authors who were guided by the Holy Spirit in authoritative reporting and reasoning.

Our present Holy Bible is a collection of these writings that have been recognized for their inspired sacredness and reliability by councils working under prayerful consideration and exacting guidelines.          



Mankind, Sin, and the Fallen World


Body of Christ (The Christian Church)

Christian Ordinances

Second Coming of Christ


New Heaven and Earth

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