Ministry Projections

The following bullets preview ministry plans for Elijah's Echo in 2012

  • Special Events: Possibly seasonal. Based on the traditional camp meetings that have been popular and successful in America’s history. Using speaking and musics teams. One and two day events held outdoors in the summer, presented in a field, camping area, or similar venue. If winter, present in an auditorium or theater facility. Teams will have specific responsibilities within each event: Prayer (corporate, personal, and intercessory), Preaching, Music (performance and worship), Set-up & Takedown (including media/sound needs), Support and Counseling, Administrative & Finance. Teams will be managed and trained according to assessed experience. Formal retreats are also possibilities.
  • Storefront Ministry: The storefront serves as a meeting place for conversation, prayer, and small group workshops or classes. Think of it as a reading/research center, prayer room, social hub, or Christian way station. Resources promoting a Biblical worldview will be available. Books, video, magazines, computers and internet for onsite use. Many people don’t have the money, time, or initial inclination to expand a Christian library in their home. This provides access to materials they otherwise may not have. The environment would also be designed to appeal to those who may not consider approaching a church, but would feel “safe” entering a "shop." Commitment and growth can be aided by Biblical teaching and addressing questions, issues, and concerns. Evangelizing is not a bad word. Unchurched visitors and Christian visitors to the area may be helped in finding a church they would like to attend. Ministry to the local unchurched and new believers is vital. While a great work is being done by mission work around the world, sometimes an overemphasis on rescuing others halfway around the world neglects home front missions helping neighbors and regional communities. By building and strengthening the body of Christ locally, we will be able to expand support in greater numbers for missions nationally and internationally.
  • Internet/Website: Elijah’s Echo will continue to expand a website ( that provides guidance and direction related to Christ’s teachings. Website offerings include online Bible access, video sessions, audio & media links, blogs, and links to other sites for growth, research, and inspiration. By providing access to a growing number of Christian worldview resources, visitors will spend less time searching for relevant sites and determining appropriate usability of materials spread across the internet.
  • Community Outreach: Refer to as “Road Home Ministries” for building support and healing ministries covering areas like: Pre-Marriage, Couples, Families, Families with Personal Challenges/Disabilities, Para Church or Inter-Denominational Work Groups, Life Skills, and Community Benevolence Needs.